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Vive is here to help.

Why? Just for the health of it.  

"Don't bottle it up" event

Opening up a safe space for students to discuss issues surrounding mental health

Students helping students

Social media campaign to share personal stories and raise awareness around the university, and share advice on coping mechanisms

Diversion of plastic bottles to create art

Art creation process reduces stress and depression. We diverted plastic bottles from the landfills and gave them new life in the form of arts and crafts.

1 in 5 Canadians will suffer from mental illness in their lifetime.

Project Vive is a 3-phase program that educates university students about mental health in the form of fun, creative workshops. For every life the stigma of mental health took away, Vive creates new life. 
We collect and repurpose waste items that would otherwise serve no other purpose than to pollute the environment. The repurposed waste will serve as art carrying the theme of mental health - bringing everything full circle.

Don't Bottle It Up. 


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